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How It Works?
What do we offer
What do we offer?
Long-term partnership
The Creator Economy is booming. We build strong connections with upcoming bloggers and provide them with many attractive opportunities.
Value for the audience
The Healthy Parenting movement touches many people and becomes part of it. Enlighten, educate and support your audience.
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More than 60% of our ambassadors recieve additional brand deals after working with us.
Magic Kids is a match for you if
  • Your Instagram blog has >1000 followers
    You highlight matters about parenting, children's development, education and family lifestyle.
  • You want to monetize your blog
    Get up to 50% of revenue from each subscriber you attracted to Magic Kids
  • You want to educate and enlighten your audience
    We work in kids' education for more than 10 years and cooperate with top educators, children psychologists, and pediatricians. You will get access to our experience and can share it with your audience.
Innovative Game-Based Platform for Kids 4—8 y.o.
How It Works?
If you love children and have over 1000 followers, you can sign up here and become a Magic Kids ambassador.
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After registration, our managers will contact you within a few days and we will send you a magic code for free access.
Publish honest reviews
Play Magic Kids with your child and share your experience with your audience. Provide unique special offer and earn money with us.
Our ambassadors love us
  • Josh
    My 8-year son and I played with the alphabet app, and the part that we enjoyed the most was being able to point the app at different objects in our house and have the app identify it. Seemed a little bit magical to both my son and I.
  • Georgia
    My son really enjoyed the app. As a science kid he loved that it was sharing and telling him all about the solar system. We found out facts about different planets that we had no idea about. And he was just really loving the game, that's great. It allowed him to feel immersed into this super science technical space right from home, right from our living room!
  • Leandra
    Hi I'm Leandra, I work with teachers every day....One of the biggest complaints that they have about the different learning resources available to students is the lack of focus on student engagement...Magic Kids help kids learn in this really hands-on way where they can move around and access topics like space and dinosaurs and learn in a way where the environment actually responds to them!
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