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Visionaries Behind Magic Kids
Safe educational 3D world for kids 4-8 y.o.
Fun, safe
and educational
3D-world game
for 4-8 y.o. kids
Captivating Curiosity, Fostering Futures.
Our Story
It all began with a vision. Marianna and I dreamt of crafting something magical for children.

We didn't just want to entertain; we wanted to educate, to inspire. This dream took its first form in an interactive product development studio. The experience there was invaluable.

We delved deep into creating engaging educational tools, and our base provided a unique perspective.
Soon after, we ventured into another project, a platform tailored for furniture brands. While this enterprise was a success, culminating in a strategic EXIT, it was clear that our hearts yearned for something more profound.
Our true ambition? To revolutionize children's lives. And so, Magic Kids came to life. It wasn't merely a product; it was a mission. Through Magic Kids, we aimed to instill essential life skills in children - problem-solving, creativity, critical thinking.
Today, as I reflect, Magic Kids stands as a testament to our journey, our passion, and our dream. It's a beacon in children's education, and I'm immensely proud of what Marianna and I have achieved. Our story is not just about success; it's about resilience, commitment, and the transformative power of a vision.
Our Long-Term Vision: Democratizing Access to High-Quality Education
Can you picture a world where every child, regardless of where they live or their economic background, can immerse themselves in a universe of immersive learning?

Magic Kids aims to break down these global barriers by uniting children with high-quality instruction from educators and third-party developers through the engaging platform of game-based education.
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We have a team of 76 dedicated educators from all corners of the United States who are passionate about creating educational games and comprehensive courses.
Magic Kids, Inc. 2020-2023
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Safe learning 3D world for kids 4-8 y.o.