Magic Kids brings fun back to learning through our educational app!
We use augmented reality and machine learning technology to provide delightful experiences for kids.
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Why Magic Kids?
Our educational app integrates Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence in a way that kids can interact with and learn from the world they see everyday.
Working with 28 top US educators, we came up with unique and interactive lessons. The curriculum reflects a real offline education.
For example, the app recognize objects near the child, then visualizes the letter the object starts with AND what the object is called.
By gamifying the learning process, your child will stay motivated to keep moving through the lessons.
Effective curriculum
1. Learning letters and words
2. Searching for items in the child's surroundings that start with a given letter
1. Logic, figures and forms
2. Numbers and arithmetic
3. Studying the length system
1. Dinosaurs
2. Solar system
3. Coloring
The World Around Us
4. Astronomy
5. Animals
6. Nature
Our Vision
That is why we built Magic Kids. We are a ONE FOR ONE company. What does that mean? For every one app that is purchased, we will donate an app to a family that can't afford one.

Our belief is that EVERY CHILD EVERYWHERE is entitled to superior education.
Our goal is that one day, education is a right and not a privilege.
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If you are parents or teacher and want to participate in creation educational app with AR and AI technology join us!
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