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Safe educational 3D world for kids 4-8 y.o.
Fun, safe
and educational
3D-world game
for 4-8 y.o. kids
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1. Create an educational program.
2. AI's Spark: Our generator weaves the rest.
3. Kids Delight in Learning Adventures!
Unveiling Magic Kids: Infinite Learning
A 3D wonderland for kids 4-8 y.o.: Kids thrive with thousands of teacher-crafted activities, merging play and education.
Children play and gain knowledge in an interactive 3D world with thousands educational activities by teachers
Teachers create educational tasks and even entire courses:
1. Teachers type prompt
2. AI-Generate Game
3. Kids play and learn
Try to create your first educational game now
Who can benefit from this:
Elementary School Teachers
Homeschooling Experts
Skillful Parents
Aspiring Educators
An ideal homework tool, enabling class engagement and friendly virtual competitions to enhance students' knowledge.
Craft comprehensive 3D game-based curriculum that resonates with kids, transforming home learning.
Optimal for nurturing valuable abilities at home, offering a tailored learning adventure to your children while fostering a community of sharing among parents.
Delve into the teaching realm, gaining fresh insights and initiating your journey in the vibrant Magic Kids teachers community.
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What Teachers Talk about Magic Kids?
Emily Johnson
Lindsay Bennett
Elementary School Teacher, Miami
Elementary Teacher, Chicago
I was surprised by how easy it is to create my own educational game. The editor is intuitive, and I've already made lessons about nature. My students are thrilled!
As an elementary school teacher, Magic Kids gave me a creative outlet. Now, I'm creating lessons that immediately grab kids' attention. The extra income is a wonderful bonus!
David Miller
Jason Lee
Homeschooling Specialist, Austin
Parent & Creator, New York City
I never thought learning could be this engaging and profitable! Magic Kids has given me the chance not only to share knowledge but also to earn extra income. A unique experience!
I joined Magic Kids to support my child's learning, but when I saw how engaged he became with educational games, I started creating my own lessons. It was the right choice!
Sarah Williams
Emma Roberts
Parent & Educator, Seattle
Educator & Parent
Even a couple of hours a week with Magic Kids pays off. My kids are in love with the games, and I can celebrate both their learning progress and the extra reward. It's pure magic!
With Magic Kids, I can blend my care for children and extra earnings. Now every lesson of mine is a little adventure, and I see results in their knowledge and my wallet
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Become a catalyst in revolutionizing child development.
Boost your income without stepping out and without any extra prerequisites.
Turn your experience into exciting video game lessons in one day.
Be among the first to shape the future of learning
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Safe learning 3D world for kids 4-8 y.o.